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Ralph Hasenhuttl apologises after 9-0 defeat to Leicester

Ralph Hasenhuttl apologises after 9-0 defeat to Leicester

Ralph Hasenhuttl apologises after 9-0 defeat to Leicester

Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhüttl says he takes 100% responsibilty for his side's record breaking 9-0 home defeat at the hands of Leicester City.


In an Interview reported asked him "Ralpherz you probably know that equals the heaviest ever defeat in the Premier League and also says a whole number of very unwanted records where how did that go so horribly wrong for you tonight"

Ralph "Easy to say it's because of the red card after ten minutes but when I think it's not it's not the moment to discuss every goal and scene and the higher of the result. I think the other thing is that I take responsibility for this result today, it was a no performance from my team and this cannot happens in this way and I'm only Faye say the best I've seen the Dana Stadium was beside the opponent was the the crowd that was staying in the in the stadium our crowd that was staying in the stadium the guys they were staying here how they act is more than we deserve today and I say apologize for this no performance today"

Reporter "You say you take 100% responsibility did the players do their part that"

Ralph "That's I think in the moment it's not just a moment where maybe discuss about players or how they act today I think for me it was I've never had such an experience in my entire managing career I have always thought that something cannot happen but it can as you've seen today and yeah yeah more it's not just to say to me I think"

Reporter "the red card itself what's your opinion of that"

Ralph "I haven't seen it don't know the goal is the first goal was started with the path back that is not possible in this moment you cannot play back here in this in this pressing situation but I don't know if it suppose a red card or not opportunity whata did you say is the players at halftime at five kneel down yeah we made to change this and try to have a second half atheltic conceding a goal but it helps not really was of the to substitute didn't make us most level eyes"

Reporter "Even allowing for the fact you down to ten was that good enough from Southampton tonight"

Ralph "Absolutely anyway how he worked against the ball was not too committed enough and Poland showed with every attacking situation how strong we are we couldn't defend it"

Reporter "Where do you go from here what sort of damage does this inflict on you"

Ralph "Can ask me tomorrow or on Monday how much it deflects our our game in total and yeah first we must look on on the players and and and you know how we are we signed up again"

Reporter "How difficult will it be for you and for your players to recover from this"

Ralph "Yeah not easy but we have to and we have to stand up again and show a different face"

Reporter "Do you feel in a state of shock at the moment"

Ralph "You know when I when I stand out ninety minutes and see one goal off to the other coming and there was no chance to defend and and every call we considered you you you must think that there is no team on the pitch then something really nice to to stand out there but if you ask me now if I if I am shocked what do you think what you are after such a game and you see if your own team performing like this you happy or what do you think "

Reporter Replies "we appreciate you talking to us"